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A Lot Happend These Last Weeks

fish hanger

Dutch beach is the best

Z from Zoutbeach

Screenprinted leather bag

Screenprinted leather bag

Japanese leather 100% natural

Art made with plastic from waste found on beach

Text poem made with car wheel ....beautiful

On the search for materials at lineapelle, amsterdam, germany, scotland etc..... and try to get some inspiration for the samples.......

Finally found some leather that I can use for my samples, vegetable tanned and dyed without

chemicals.....100% sustainable and it's going the right way.

And also very important the feel and look are looks like denim and is soft and eco friendly.

Also the fish leather is getting there, found a supplier who's sustainable and the only hard part is the dying in blue......but not everything can be perfect the first time......we keep looking and educating people. Met some great people and learnt along the way as well......

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